SmartTalkHR On-Demand Webinar

How competitive are your severance packages and employee benefits programs? In a recent survey of U.S. businesses with 500 employees or more, RiseSmart uncovered the trends currently informing the creation of severance packages. Those findings also uncovered some vulnerabilities amongst companies not keeping pace with modern severance packages and some areas where all companies can benefit by altering how, when, and to whom they offer various severance programs.

Join us for this #SmartTalkHR webinar with Product Marketing Director, Mark Gervase and Practice Strategy Manager, Emily Elder to learn:

  • How companies are using severance to improve brand identity
  • Trends in severance qualification for employees
  • New approaches to corporate restructuring
    • Flexible working notice practices
    • Redeployment options
  • The growing importance of outplacement services

Before you create your next severance policy, watch this webinar to hear what other companies are doing to stay competitive. 

Featured Speaker:


Mark Gervase

Product Marketing Director, Risesmart

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Emily Elder

Practice Strategy Manager, RiseSmart

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