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RIF (reduction in force)
checklist for HR managers.

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In the event of a reduction in force (RIF) or layoff, a business may have to eliminate several positions at the same time. This is a stressful process not just for impacted employees, but for remaining employees and the HR managers tasked with delivering the bad news. 

download this RIF checklist to:

  • Keep track of everything you need to determine before conducting a RIF, including how many employees will be affected, which ones will be impacted, who will deliver the message and how employees will be notified. 
  • Brush up on legal considerations for workforce reductions, including adhering to the WARN Act and conducting an adverse impact analysis to avoid costly litigation.
  • Find out what to include when preparing employee separation packages and severance benefits.
  • Get tips for composing a RIF notification letter. 
  • Discover steps you can take to make both transitioning and remaining employees feel valued and supported during this difficult time, such as including outplacement services as part of your employees’ severance benefits. 



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